What We Do

BG Research was established as an innovation development and manufacturing pipeline to our partner company BioGene.

We conceptualise, develop and manufacture pioneering molecular and engineering technologies with the aim of helping to significantly improving global health outcomes – but most importantly save lives. Together both companies are highly synergistic, and collectively deliver real world solutions to difficult diagnostic problems with an innovative portfolio of custom application focused products fulfilling the needs of our stakeholders across the global laboratory research, diagnostics and molecular biology market.

What We Do


Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do at BG Research; it is deeply embedded in our company culture and DNA. We seek what is new and novel, redefine conventional approaches and view challenges from a unique perspective. With a portfolio of IP, and over 25 years of qPCR experience, knowledge as well as innovative engineering and cutting-edge technologies, BG Research is well equipped to tackle the most challenging diagnostic problems. We are passionate about harnessing our innovations to further improve healthcare and health outcomes for both human and veterinary applications.  

We specialise In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDs) which use RT-qPCR to detect genetic material. This involves the development, validation and manufacturing of platform technologies compromising of the instrumentation and reagent system. Our goal is to improve global access to such technologies especially in decentralised and resource-poor settings where they are needed most through the technology led actionable strategy of At Patient Testing (APT).

Innovation: CENOS

As a company we are dynamic and resourceful in our approach. This means we can effectively respond and provide solutions to the most formidable and pressing of challenges. This is required in molecular diagnostics where the landscape is ever changing with the persistent threat of pandemics, outbreaks and emerging High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs).

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