Our Commitment to Quality

We solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative molecular solutions to help improve global health outcomes – but most importantly save lives.

When dealing with people's lives, quality is the number one priority and is something we will never compromise on.

BG Research is an ISO 13485 certified company registered with NQA. Our accreditation is not simply treated as an accolade, instead it is embedded within the culture of the company and mindset of our employees. This has been achieved through employee empowerment, decisive leadership, individual ownership and a mutual respect for the capabilities and importance of the implemented Quality Management System.

Our dedicated quality & regulatory compliance team oversees the effective use and continued compliance of our Quality Management System to ensure planned results are consistently achieved and that we uphold our documented quality policy. Our commitment to quality is unwavering and is the focal point of everything we do here at BG Research. The focus of quality begins at the very start of the product realisation process all the way through to the end user and post-market activities. We commit ourselves to the highest tenets of excellence so you can be assured of quality every single time.

Early Detection, Quarantine and Containment:

Continuous Improvement

We’re hugely proud of what’s been achieved by BG Research over the decades, but we refuse to fall into complacency. Our driving principle is the Japanese philosophy Kaizen. We strive to continuously improve in all aspects including our service, product quality, risk management and business processes to achieve complete customer satisfaction and positively exceed our stakeholder’s expectations. We’ve learnt that frequent, small and incremental improvements can collectively add up to achieve transformational results. 

Part of our success has come from listening to the needs of our stakeholders including our customers, employees and regulatory bodies. They provide new perspectives and invaluable feedback on our products, services and processes which we implement to promote continuous improvement. We constantly have our eye on the next innovation, what can be improved upon and push the technological boundaries of molecular diagnostics.

Regulatory Compliance

Early Detection, Quarantine and Containment:

Our quality & regulatory compliance team work closely with notified bodies to ensure compliance to the latest applicable regulatory requirements. This helps to guarantee the ongoing performance, safety and provision of our pioneering products and services. Our compliance is verified through ongoing audits and certifications against recognised regulatory standards.

If you have any quality or regulatory related enquiries please get in touch with the team.

BioGene ISO 9001 certificate

For more information please contact us or download our ISO 13485 certificate here

BioGene ISO 9001 certificate download

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